esigned by green building and modular housing pioneer, Jim Gregory, the Flex House is the house of the future. Built in a factory to exacting standards, the Flex House is delivered complete and ready-to-live-in to your site. Just set it down, hook it up and move in!

Right Sized

At 750 square feet, the two-bedroom Shelter Dynamics Flex House is just the right size for an individual, couple or small family.  Laid out for maximum space efficiency, the vaulted ceilings and large windows make it feel like a much larger space.  For Millennials who don’t want the responsibility or cost of a large house or Baby Boomers looking to downsize, the Flex House is the ideal solution. And a 450 square foot one-bedroom and a 1000 square foot 3-bedroom version are on the drawing board.

State of the Art

Featuring Energy Star appliances, on-demand tankless water heater, LED lighting, a “Mini-Split” heat pump HVAC system with separately controllable zones, a standard solar panel array with options for larger systems and battery backups, smart home automation and more…

Net Zero Ready

The Flex House comes equipped with a 2.5 kW solar array, with optional upgrades, including battery backup and full off-the-grid capability.  The Flex House features all-LED lighting with smart home automation control of all systems and a “Mini-split” heat pump HVAC system. The Flex House features double-glazed windows that meet or exceed California’s strict Title 24 requirements, R-40 insulation in the floor and ceiling and R-30 insulation in the walls. It is one efficient little house.


he Flex House is produced with healthy materials for the safety and comfort of its owners, while at the same time, its focus on energy efficiency makes it healthy for the planet.  The house is crafted with FSC certified lumber, low or no VOC materials and exceptionally low GWP (Global Warming Potential) BaySeal closed-cell insulation.


The Flex House is designed to be Net Zero Ready, which means that it can produce as much or more energy as it uses.  In addition, the house is constructed of materials that are grown or manufactured in certified sustainable fashion. There is even an option for a gray water recycling system.


At under $200 per square foot, the Flex House is truly a bargain, including all appliances, a tankless water heater, a solar array, a mini-split HVAC system, a home automation system and a choice of cabinetry and beautiful finishes.

Compelling and Fun

While many manufactured housing systems are designed around “stacked cubes”, the Flex House is full of curves, soft-edges and flowing lines.  The vaulted ceilings and large windows give it a spacious open feel, that makes it feel like a much larger space.  Yet, it is still cozy and inviting. Everyone who walks into the Flex House is enchanted.

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