Our mission is to provide new ideas for sustainable housing and to validate new concepts for building more efficiently.

The Arc House

Unique design using arches to make a small space "feel" expansive, exhibiting a focus on functionality with a great value.

Our Solution

Producing unique, efficient and effective housing with a small footprint, which delivers elegance, craftsmanship and functionality.

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Be a part of the most exciting exhibit at the PCBC! The Arc House has been invited to be positioned at the entrance to the Moscone Center by the PCBC. Anyone and everyone attending the event will get an up front viewing of the Arc House! Shelter Dynamics would like to include your product in the show!
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Changing markets provide fertile ground for new ideas, and this is especially true for the business of home building!

Ten years ago we built close to 2,000,000 single-family detached homes averaging 2400 square feet; today we are building apartments and talk about smaller homes. Shelter Dynamics' 430 square foot Arc House is reflective of this new direction.

The Changing U.S. Housing Market

Demographics are changing at the fastest pace in recorded history; wealth is shifting from the west to the east resulting in a shrinking middle class in the United States. These changes have had a significant impact on the US housing market over the last 60 years.

From the “McMansion” Era to the Millennial Era

A typical community in the 1950’s and 1960’s consisted of small lots; small homes with families of around 5 occupants and an average home size less than 1000 sq. ft. After the 1960’s, house size dramatically increased culminating in the “McMansion” era of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Economic Influence and Housing Market Changes

During the “McMansion” era, an interesting trend started; single occupant households began a steady and measurable increase (1950 9% today 29%). In concert, average family size decreased, the baby-boomers started moving towards empty-nesters, the millennials became captivated by social media and the middle class moved further down the economic ladder. The outcome of these trends is a significant influence on the housing market.

Desirable housing alternatives are needed because:

  • Empty nesters don’t want 3500 sq. ft homes
  • Homeowners struggling to sell their homes need an economical solution for housing
  • The millennials want single dwellings within communities
  • The middle class can no longer afford “McMansions”

Future Housing

The Arc House is a unique solution proposed by Shelter Dynamics to offer and deliver unique, efficient and effective housing with a smaller footprint. The target for future housing is function, size and sustainability. The Arc House by Shelter Dynamics delivers elegance, beauty, craftsmanship and functionality.

Contact us to learn more, to become a sponsor or to arrange a meeting with us at the 2016 PCBC this June when the Arc House will be exhibited at the entrance to the Moscone Center.